Behind Glass Poster

The Interview

Suitable for historic venues.

written by Jeremy Jagusch

This is it! The opportunity of a lifetime. You’ve just read in the local paper that one of the grandest places in town is looking for new help. You’ve been waiting for this, but it seems as though the owners expect you to pass a very difficult interview.

When you arrive at the venue, you are greeted by a long time worker, who has quite a few stories to tell about your potential place of employment. In addition, it seems that the one in charge has left out various tests for you to pass, to see if you would be well suited for the job. You will need to excel at several skills and fit well with the team in order to gain one of the coveted few spots. You and your team will have to race against the clock, all while maintaining honour and dignity, in order to succeed.

Will you succeed and get to sign the employment roster? Or will you be turned away and told to never darken these doors again? How will the stories of your past write your future?

The Live History Experience & The Interview
  • The Interview is designed for multi-room historic venues
  • Interactive performances that turn audiences into participants
  • Engage audiences with escape room style mysteries
  • Customized to your local history
  • Option to include local actors in supporting roles
  • One room historic venues should consider The Round Table or A Knock at the Door
  • Larger venues may also be interested in In Time
  • Libraries and exhibit based venues should consider Behind Glass or A Timeless Gathering
  • Venues looking for children's programming should consider our workshops

The Interview is a great opportunity to showcase your local history as well as infuse your community with the flavor local talent can bring. Live History's shows offer you the chance to present history in unique, interactive way. Each unique theatre show is customized to your venue, using details and facts that are both well known, and obscure.

What better way for visitors old and new to enjoy and experience the past of your town! Live History; bringing your history to life.

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