Engaged AudienceSophie Trudeau attends a Live History event at Laurier House



Engaged Audience


So, you present theatre shows...written for my location?

Yes! Each of our shows have a general plot line that does not interfere with or change the history of your venue or exhibits. When booked, our team will research your venue's history, the exhibits on display and the local legends. We will then create a show that includes your Lords, Ladies, local history and exhibits. Costumes, props and scripts will all be period appropriate to your venue.

Do the shows take place on a stage?

No. Site specific theatre is a specific niche of theater that is performed exactly where the scene is written to take place. The actors and the audience members interact throughout the show and stand within reach of each other at all times. It allows for an immersive experience, making your audience feel like they stepped back in time.

Is my venue too small?

We have performed in everything from 1 room venues to large castles, and customized accordingly. Audience sizes range from 10 - 30 people, and we put on up to 4 shows a day for one flat rate. We have never met a venue we couldn't design a show for! Let us know your specifics when contacting us and we can let you know which show design is best.

I would like to involve local actors/my staff/myself in your show as more than an audience member. Can I do that?

Absolutely! Each script offers an opportunity for local performers to have a part. This is an option, not a requirement. When booking, details such as holding auditions or automatically selecting local performers can be worked out.

What are the advantages to booking a Live History show?

Live History shows are a great and easy way to get the public, local and visitors alike, involved in your venue. Whether they have visited before or are brand new to the town, the shows bring the venue to life in a way never before seen. Our interactives engage the audience with your venue and can even lead audiences directly to your gift shop.

Live History Shows are a turn key operation. They require only one rehearsal day, and arrive with the script fully customized, and props and costumes that are appropriate to your venue's time period. The team provides marketing assistance and suggestions in the planning of show times and ticket prices. Live History shows are minimalist productions, so they are very respectful to your space, using what is available to them.

We also work with all budgets and engagement lengths, so whether you need us for one performance or thirty, Live History can be available to bring your stories to life. A recent article in the Economist suggests that some historic house museums are struggling for attendance. Live History can be a new way to bring people in. No other company on the market offers custom shows that bring your local history to life in such an easy, smooth and affordable way.

Palaces, like Versailles, castles and venues large and small are finding it a struggle to support themselves financially. Around the world, they are looking for other ways to bring in new revenue and visitors. Live History Shows can help you do all that and much more!

Do you offer a way to evaluate the experience from a visitor perspective?

Yes! Live History provides visitor experience surveys at the end of every show. The data is collected and presented to the venue in a user friendly format within 6-8 weeks. Survey results include demographics, marketing breakdowns, and visitor feedback. This service comes at no extra charge.

Is this a tour of my site or are the performances in character?

All performances are done in character, with reference to your local historical celebrities.

Do you travel?

Yes! We've brought this experience to 7 countries so far, and are looking to add more to our list! Live History shows can be booked anywhere in the world. Each show requires only a small team, as well as a small suitcase of props and costumes. Contact us for quotes including travel costs.

How much does it cost to book you? My venue's tourism and marketing budgets are quite small....

Each quote is different, and is based on the length of engagement, as well as any travel costs. Let us know what you had in mind and we will do our best to accommodate you!

What about ticket costs/audience size/ etc?

All of that is up to you! Live History shows enable your venue to make a profit off their choice of ticket costs and audience sizes. Based on your venue size and location, as well as the length of engagement, we can offer suggestions.

I have a 1800s house museum/ small local church/ 1100s Castle/ 1500s Gate house/ exhibit based museum/ art gallery/ library. Will that work for your shows?

Yes! We can work with all historic venues, exhibit based museums, art galleries, botanic gardens and libraries.

My entire town is historic with many historic buildings within walking distance. Can the shows accommodate all of them?

Yes! We can work with the script to accommodate your historic town core instead of just a single venue.

Can you do the performances while the venue is open, or does it have to be closed?

Both! A closed venue offers an intimate, more exclusive feel. An open venue adds the hustle and bustle of daily energy to the show. We will work with each venue's staffing schedules when choosing the show times.

How many shows can I choose?

Live History puts on 4 time slots a day, allowing venues to choose between workshop or shows that fit the venue's theme. Potentially, a venue could put on 4 different shows a day!

Is this children's theatre?

All of Live History's shows include a mystery or quest based experience. While the shows are PG rated in content, the clues and quests are designed for an adult audience. We recommend shows for ages 12+ in most cases. For a younger audience, we suggest our interactive workshops, which include show snippets.

Is this a murder mystery?

No one has ever died in one of our shows and we hope never ever will die in one of our shows. While we respect murder mystery theatre, our clues and quests are closer to “escape rooms”, and usually lead to a final treasure or message.