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Behind Glass

Suitable for exhibit based museums, art galleries & libraries.

written by Jeremy Jagusch

Something isn't right here. That book is out of place. There is a card in the display case, but no item behind it. There are antiques in the incorrect place; and artefacts that are standing wrong side up. Clearly, the venue needs your help. As curators of other nearby museums, you are called to the venue after hours in order to help figure out what is causing these disturbances.

Once inside, you are greeted by one of the exhibits who has come to life. They are happy to show you around and share tales about the other exhibits. As you hear stories from their lives, it becomes clear that one of them is the culprit behind these disturbances. The question is, which one? Succeed and you will find yourself promoted. Fail, and you may find yourself trapped behind glass forever.

This show can be accommodated in museums or libraries of any size. We have performed in everything from single buildings to large villages and adapt the show to accommodate all the site has to offer. This show will be customized to your time periods, exhibits, stacks, or popular figures on display.

The Audience Experience

Planning on Attending Behind Glass?   Here’s What to Expect!

Behind Glass has escape room, theatre, and murder mystery elements. Expect to work with all your fellow audience members and the actors as you try to discover which historical figure has been causing chaos at the venue.

Behind Glass is a promenade show that walks around the venue and lasts ~1 hour.

As an interactive experience, audience sizes are limited to 20-30 (depending on the venue) so that everyone is able to participate should they wish.

Venues Considering Booking Behind Glass

  • Behind Glass is designed for exhibit based museums of all sorts as well as libraries
  • Interactive performances that turn audiences into participants
  • Engage audiences with escape room style mysteries
  • Customized to your local history
  • Option to include local actors in supporting roles
  • Exhibit based museums and libraries wishing to serve food should consider A Timeless Gathering
  • Larger venues may also be interested in In Time
  • One room historic venues should consider A Knock at the Door or The Round Table
  • Larger historic museums should consider The Interview
  • Venues looking for children's programming should consider our workshops

This production is also available as a virtual experience. In person productions follow our COVID-19 Safety Protocols.

Behind Glass is a great opportunity to showcase your local history as well as infuse your community with the flavor local talent can bring. Live History's shows offer you the chance to present history in unique, interactive way. Each unique theatre show is customized to your venue, using details and facts that are both well known, and obscure.

What better way for visitors old and new to enjoy and experience the past of your town! Live History; bringing your history to life.

Book today! Monthly, weekly and daily bookings available. We work with all budgets and audience sizes.

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