A Knock at the Door

A Knock at the Door

Suitable for one room historic venues.

written by Jeremy Jagusch

It was an odd invitation. Someone well known in town has invited you to the venue, to inform you of what they claim is an important message. However, when you arrive with the other guests, your host is nowhere to be found. Just when you are considering leaving, there is a knock on the door, and a messenger appears.

The messenger is Robin, a vagabond who used to frequent the streets of this town begging for food and money. Robin was often avoided by the members of the community and eventually faded from the town’s memory. Robin has been promised a large sum of money if they deliver this message and follow all the instructions given to them. It appears that your host is in peril and needs you to search the venue for some money they have set aside. They promise a share of the treasure to each one of you if you assist.

Deciding to honour your host and aid them, you must join forces with Robin, who seems to hold the key. Your host is the only one who understood Robin’s unique personality and views on the world. It seems Robin’s memories, combined with the letters left to you, hold the answer to rescuing your host and finding the treasure.

The Live History Experience & A Knock at the Door
  • A Knock at the Door is designed for one room historic venues
  • Interactive performances that turn audiences into participants
  • Engage audiences with escape room style mysteries
  • Customized to your local history
  • Option to include local actors in supporting roles
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  • Large historic venues may also be interested in In Time or The Interview
  • Libraries and exhibit based venues should consider Behind Glass or A Timeless Gathering
  • Venues looking for children's programming should consider our workshops

A Knock at the Door is a great opportunity to showcase your local history as well as infuse your community with the flavor local talent can bring. Live History's shows offer you the chance to present history in unique, interactive way. Each unique theatre show is customized to your venue, using details and facts that are both well known, and obscure.

What better way for visitors old and new to enjoy and experience the past of your town! Live History; bringing your history to life.

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