Maureen Jennings, Student reading cipher
Maureen Jennings, author of Murdoch Mysteries,
looks on while a student reads a cipher.


History comes alive with our workshops!

Our workshop packages include:

  • Live performance snippets from our show
  • A choice of hands on workshop themes
  • Question and answer session
  • Workshops are customized to local history
  • Workshops are perfect for groups of all ages

Choose Your Live History workshop theme:

Mystery Building

Our mysteries include lessons in math, patterns, language and visual arts. Our mystery building workshop is hands on, interactive, and wildly fun!

Participants who are fans of mystery novels, shows and theatre will learn how to build a mystery while learning about their local history in a way they have never seen it before. Build a mystery to stump friends and family, or learn how to become a sleuth during your favourite mystery programs!

Length: 60 minute-Full day experiences available

Ages: 10 to 110

Site Specific Theatre

Site specific theatre is a unique style of performance, using the space around you to create small, intimate theatre productions brimming with realism. A library, a sidewalk, a historic house, anywhere!

Participants will learn to create a site specific piece from industry experts, using the environment, atmosphere, and space around them. This piece will tell the stories of their town, their history, and their local historical celebrities.

Length: 60 minute-Full day experiences available

Ages: 8 to 108


Halls of Ivy

For hundreds of years, people relied on hands on learning and oral story telling to make their way in the world. From childhood, they learned trades; they chopped wood; they milked the cows; they learned how to build a fire and bake a pie, long before Google existed. Their halls of ivy were quite often literally...halls of ivy, and they raced from sun up to sun down to complete tasks just needed to survive daily life. The clock is ticking; the sun is sinking; will you make it until sunset?

Halls Of Ivy is a game show style production for the whole school or large groups of over 60 people. Hosted from the perspective of Kit, a historic personality from your town's past; students will complete tasks and answer trivia questions in order to see if their team can make it through a historical life such as Kit's. Students will be paired in teams containing 1-2 members from each grade. Teachers will receive packages before the show in order to prepare and select team members from each participating grade. Halls of Ivy is an interactive production that will involve audience members being selected to participate in the show, and assist their classmates in making it through until sunset.

Halls of Ivy will be customized to your town's past; bringing your history to life. The production will align with the current curriculum, and trivia questions and tasks will be made suitable for participating grade levels. The production will last 60 minutes.

Length: 60 minutes

Ages: 5-18


Workshops can be targeted to children, teenagers, adults, seniors, professionals and more. Our workshops have been used by corporate and professional groups to work with their space, build team relationships, and create an experience like no other. Students will use all the subjects taught at schools to build clues or productions in this interactive experience.

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