Why Workshops?

Live History believes that theatre can happen anywhere you choose for it to happen and that no setting, no matter how small or unorthodox, eliminates one of human kind's oldest traditions: story telling.

We also believe that there is nothing more fun or challenging than a good mystery and that one of the most fulfilling things we can do, is work together in order to solve them.

These two beliefs are showcased in each and every one of our shows.

Live History is pleased to offer two unique workshops that aim to teach others the skills that we have been working on since our beginning. The end goal is to have more stories being told and more mysteries needing to be solved.

Workshops are designed for anyone. Our workshops have been used by corporate and professional groups to work with their space, build team relationships, and create an experience like no other. They are adapted to the age range of the audience and have been taught from ages 5-105. Students will use all the subjects taught at schools to build clues or productions in this interactive experience.

Choose Your Workshop Theme

Mystery Building

Our mysteries include lessons in math, patterns, language and visual arts. Our mystery building workshop is hands on, interactive, and wildly fun!

Participants who are fans of mystery novels, shows and theatre will learn how to build a mystery while learning about their local history in a way they have never seen it before. Build a mystery to stump friends and family, or learn how to become a sleuth during your favourite mystery programs!

Length: 60 minute to Full day experiences available

Ages: 10 to 110

Site Specific Theatre

Site specific theatre is a unique style of performance, using the space around you to create small, intimate theatre productions brimming with realism. A library, a sidewalk, a historic house, anywhere!

Participants will learn to create a site specific piece from industry experts, using the environment, atmosphere, and space around them. This piece will tell the stories of their town, their history, and their local historical celebrities.

Length: 60 minute to Full day experiences available

Ages: 8 to 108

What to Expect From
A Live History

Workshops may be combined with any of our shows, to provide more ways to engage with your community and history.

Book today! Monthly, Weekly and Daily bookings available. We work with all budgets and audience sizes.