The Interview

This is it! The opportunity of a lifetime. How will the stories of your past write your future?

The Interview is perfect for historic house museums and villages.
A Knock at the Door

It was an odd invitation. When you arrive with the other guests, your host is nowhere to be found. And then there is a knock at the door.

A Knock at the Door is perfect for historic churches or smaller venues.
A Timeless Gathering

It was supposed to be a relaxing evening, but joining you at the table is a strange figure, dressed in period clothes who needs your help. The door are locked...

A Timeless Gathering is perfect for exibit based museums and libraries.
In Time

The sand is slipping through the hourglass. Lives are at stake; history could be changed. The world rests on your shoulders. Will you be in time?

In Time is perfect for larger venues of all genres.
The Round Table

It's one of the most joyous occasions in town; a grand wedding, and you are invited. But the wedding ring, has gone missing. . .

Combine meals or refreshments with the show, and offer an unforgettable experience to participants.
Behind Glass

That book is out of place. There are antiques missing. Can you, a visiting curator, discover who is causing these disturbances?

Behind Glass is perfect for exibit based museums and libraries.


Workshops engage groups in a whole new way. Choose between our "Mystery Building" and "Site Specific Theatre" workshops.

Take your group's learning in a new direction.

Live History Promo Video
Live History at Fort Wellington

Live History at Pier 21

Our mission is to help your venue engage with the public in a new way.

Live History is a theatre company that specializes in bringing your local history to life. Our shows take audiences on a one hour adventure through time. Audiences will experience a full tour of the location while interacting with the characters, and assisting them in solving an urgent issue that can only be resolved with the audiences' help.

Our team works hard to research and customize each show, driving tourism up for each event and giving local residents the opportunity to see their own history return to life. It also provides an opportunity for local actors to be involved. Join us as we return to the past, and hear lost voices speak once again.

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