Thank you! Yes, YOU!

Hello Live Historians! What a wonderful journey this weekly blog series has been. Thank you for reading, commenting and sharing! So many wonderful things have come out of it! We’ve shared tales of the start of Live History, and our journey up until this point. Reliving some of our favourite memories and sharing our plans Read More

The amazing history of Charlton House

Over the past seven years, it has been my privilege to write the majority of our shows. This also means that I’ve done quite a bit of research and learned some amazing things. The drawback to all of this learning is the fact that for each of our shows, there is only so much info Read More

A photo links four fates

Last week I wrote briefly about the photo above. As I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on things lately, this seems like the perfect time to go into the story of that photo. I had written previously about a photo I took at the first show of our first season. That blog can be Read More

The story of a moment in time

A look at our past that will be spoken about in the future.  We here at Live History thought it would be fun to give another teaser of next week’s blog and see if you can guess what is happening.  Last week, we spoke about a photo taken from our first show in our first Read More

Four lives forever linked by the click of a button.

A brief history of Live History’s first press photo. Read More

A picture is worth 1000 words

We’ve all heard the phrase a picture is worth a 1000 words, and that every picture tells a story. As time goes on, the people who know the story fade away, and the story is sometimes lost. How different is the real story from our best guess? We are starting a new series this week, Read More

Raise a glass to the past!

Recently I wrote about traditional foods that characters from our past shows may have eaten. Well if one eats one must also drink right? So this week I thought it would be fun to continue with that theme and do a top five list of traditional drinks that may have been enjoyed in some of Read More

YUM! Dinner Tables Through Time!

Food is one those things that binds us all, no matter where we are from, geographically and historically. No matter where or when we were born, we all have to eat.  We all have favourite or least favourite foods. When we research our shows, we look for the major elements of peoples lives in which Read More

7 of the world’s most unique museums.

 One of my favourite things about writing for Live History is getting to find out about all the unique museums there are in the world. In this blog, I decided to briefly talk about seven of them that we feel should not be missed! 1 – The first one I wanted to take a look Read More

Escape Room Theatre and Beyond

Live History has performed “escape room theatre” since it’s inception in 2015. But what exactly is “escape room theatre?” Can we define it? What is it like for an audience member, or for a museum? And finally how have our experiences evolved? What is Escape Room Theatre? If you asked one of our other founders, Read More

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