Whispers of Something New

It was only about a week into lockdown when I messaged the team about an idea we had. We had already done a few live streams and workshops online, but I thought that there was a possibility we could do more. An actual show? Online? Could we….is it even possible? As usual, my amazing team Read More

A Home Away From Home

What makes a house a home? As I actively ignore the mound of dishes that is ever piling up in my peripheral, I find myself thinking of this question.  Truth be told, it is a thought that I have had a lot as of late. I’m pretty sure self isolation and quarantine do that to Read More

Meeting Your Heroes

All my life I’ve wanted to be a cowboy. Sure, some (if not all) of the inspiration behind such a dream came from a childhood (and bordering on unhealthy) love of Clint Eastwood flicks and Lincoln Logs. I’d imagine while I played outside that I was alone on the prairie, with only my faithful horse Read More

Picturing the Picturesque

That can’t be real… This thought (as well as a series of others that I’ll spare you the details of here), is one I have had more often than not over the course of my time at Live History. While it is true that we often come across incredible feats and stories in the research Read More

Live History: The Beginning

“I love to act.” “I love history.””Start a business.” These were pretty much the regular statements surrounding my childhood. I came from a family of entrepreneurs (4 generations back), and being an actor was being the black sheep of the family. I had been acting ever since I was 9 years old, and I carried my Read More

Defining Team in Divisive Days

During this period of self-isolation and social distancing, I find myself thinking of the importance of community and the team that we here at Live History have been crafting over the last few years.  Maybe it is the fact that there is an awful lot of time nowadays to allow your mind to wander almost Read More

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