But what will I wear?

One of the most common questions we get as part of the Live History team is “What about costumes?”. With a regular roster of almost 20 actors that are very different from each other, and theatrical seasons that cover anywhere from the late 1200s to the late 1900s (and counting), it can be a little Read More

Historical Zoom Meetings

As the world changes, Live History has had to adapt, as many other companies have done. Before all of this, email seemed to be the top of our technical skills. When the pandemic hit, we knew that we had to learn a lot. Don’t get me wrong, we could churn butter or use an abacus Read More

Mr. Mackenzie, I presume?

On my very first tour with Live History, I didn’t know what to expect. I had only done one show with them prior. It was a gala in Whitby, featuring a wide array of historical characters at a very snazzy event. The people there were a mix of experience Live History performers and new comers, Read More

Observations of Observational Towers

If you have never been to Niagara Falls Ontario, Canada, it’s much like any modern, medium sized city…with of course the obvious exception that it sits across the border from the United States of America and happens to have an amazing view of a waterfalls.  If working with Live History has taught me anything, it’s Read More

Pier 21: The start of something new

Since Live History started, we’ve been lucky enough to perform in castles, cities, trains, ships as well as other venues with such amazing histories.  In some cases the places we performed in were homes that were passed onto other families, or venues re-purposed.  A history ending while a new one begins. Live History has made Read More

My backpack.

As an international theatre company, we are fortunate enough to get to travel a lot. I always feel blessed whenever I pack my bag, and we head to the car, the train station, or the airport, because I am getting to live my dream and explore places and history that I might otherwise have never Read More

Alix Alberta, whats in a name?

In the history of Live History, we have performed in so many cities and towns that I had never heard of.  One of the coolest parts of the job was learning about these places! As with any of our shows, we try to learn as much about our short term adopted home away from home Read More

Legends of Laurier House

Did you know that one of the first speeding tickets issued in Canada hangs in Laurier House in Ottawa? It’s true! It was issued on February 8th in 1910 for going at a breakneck speed of over 16km an hour. Oh, it was issued to Zoe Laurier the wife of former Prime Minister Wilfred Laurier. Read More

Untold Secrets: HMCS Haida – Tribal Class Destroyer

I’m going to let you in on an old Live History trade secret… I dare say it’s my favourite of all of Live History’s secrets.  The entire crew of the Canadian of the tribal class destroyer ship HMCS Haida became honorary Texans. On November 9th, 1949 the ship saved the co-pilot and crew of a Read More

That phone call

By Jeremy Jagusch, Live History head writer It all started with a phone call. Anytime the subject of Live History comes up, either from seeing a shirt or hoodie I’m wearing (available at our online store found here) or whatnot, the natural question is always something to the effect of “how did you get involved Read More

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