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The amazing history of Charlton House

Over the past seven years, it has been my privilege to write the majority of our shows. This also means that I’ve done quite a bit of research and learned some amazing things. The drawback to all of this learning is the fact that for each of our shows, there is only so much info Read More

A photo links four fates

Last week I wrote briefly about the photo above. As I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on things lately, this seems like the perfect time to go into the story of that photo. I had written previously about a photo I took at the first show of our first season. That blog can be Read More

Four lives forever linked by the click of a button.

A brief history of Live History’s first press photo. Read More

A picture is worth 1000 words

We’ve all heard the phrase a picture is worth a 1000 words, and that every picture tells a story. As time goes on, the people who know the story fade away, and the story is sometimes lost. How different is the real story from our best guess? We are starting a new series this week, Read More

Pier 21: The start of something new

Since Live History started, we’ve been lucky enough to perform in castles, cities, trains, ships as well as other venues with such amazing histories.  In some cases the places we performed in were homes that were passed onto other families, or venues re-purposed.  A history ending while a new one begins. Live History has made Read More

That phone call

By Jeremy Jagusch, Live History head writer It all started with a phone call. Anytime the subject of Live History comes up, either from seeing a shirt or hoodie I’m wearing (available at our online store found here) or whatnot, the natural question is always something to the effect of “how did you get involved Read More

Whispers of Something New

It was only about a week into lockdown when I messaged the team about an idea we had. We had already done a few live streams and workshops online, but I thought that there was a possibility we could do more. An actual show? Online? Could we….is it even possible? As usual, my amazing team Read More

A Home Away From Home

What makes a house a home? As I actively ignore the mound of dishes that is ever piling up in my peripheral, I find myself thinking of this question.  Truth be told, it is a thought that I have had a lot as of late. I’m pretty sure self isolation and quarantine do that to Read More

Meeting Your Heroes

All my life I’ve wanted to be a cowboy. Sure, some (if not all) of the inspiration behind such a dream came from a childhood (and bordering on unhealthy) love of Clint Eastwood flicks and Lincoln Logs. I’d imagine while I played outside that I was alone on the prairie, with only my faithful horse Read More

Picturing the Picturesque

That can’t be real… This thought (as well as a series of others that I’ll spare you the details of here), is one I have had more often than not over the course of my time at Live History. While it is true that we often come across incredible feats and stories in the research Read More

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