Author: Jasmine Bowen

Thank you! Yes, YOU!

Hello Live Historians! What a wonderful journey this weekly blog series has been. Thank you for reading, commenting and sharing! So many wonderful things have come out of it! We’ve shared tales of the start of Live History, and our journey up until this point. Reliving some of our favourite memories and sharing our plans Read More

But what will I wear?

One of the most common questions we get as part of the Live History team is “What about costumes?”. With a regular roster of almost 20 actors that are very different from each other, and theatrical seasons that cover anywhere from the late 1200s to the late 1900s (and counting), it can be a little Read More

Historical Zoom Meetings

As the world changes, Live History has had to adapt, as many other companies have done. Before all of this, email seemed to be the top of our technical skills. When the pandemic hit, we knew that we had to learn a lot. Don’t get me wrong, we could churn butter or use an abacus Read More

My backpack.

As an international theatre company, we are fortunate enough to get to travel a lot. I always feel blessed whenever I pack my bag, and we head to the car, the train station, or the airport, because I am getting to live my dream and explore places and history that I might otherwise have never Read More

Whispers of Something New

It was only about a week into lockdown when I messaged the team about an idea we had. We had already done a few live streams and workshops online, but I thought that there was a possibility we could do more. An actual show? Online? Could we….is it even possible? As usual, my amazing team Read More

Live History: The Beginning

“I love to act.”  “I love history.” “Start a business.” These were pretty much the regular statements surrounding my childhood. I came from a family of entrepreneurs (4 generations back), and being an actor was being the black sheep of the family. I had been acting ever since I was 9 years old, and I Read More