Month: May 2020

Untold Secrets: HMCS Haida – Tribal Class Destroyer

I’m going to let you in on an old Live History trade secret… I dare say it’s my favourite of all of Live History’s secrets.  The entire crew of the Canadian of the tribal class destroyer ship HMCS Haida became honorary Texans. On November 9th, 1949 the ship saved the co-pilot and crew of a Read More

That phone call

By Jeremy Jagusch, Live History head writer It all started with a phone call. Anytime the subject of Live History comes up, either from seeing a shirt or hoodie I’m wearing (available at our online store found here) or whatnot, the natural question is always something to the effect of “how did you get involved Read More

Whispers of Something New

It was only about a week into lockdown when I messaged the team about an idea we had. We had already done a few live streams and workshops online, but I thought that there was a possibility we could do more. An actual show? Online? Could we….is it even possible? As usual, my amazing team Read More