Maureen Jennings, Student reading cipher
Maureen Jennings, author of Murdoch Mysteries,
looks on while a student reads a cipher.


Live History is more than just a theatre company. Our workshops can be presented at schools, libraries, community centres and museum pop ups. Our workshops offer show snippets, as well as teach both adults and children about their local history in a whole new light. Aligning with school curriculums, the workshops can be used for ages 8-108, and are customized accordingly.

Options for workshops include hands on experiences in site specific theatre, mystery building, artifact identification, history lessons, and a Q+A with our team members. Our workshops cover education in math, patterns, visual arts, history, and much more. The workshops can be booked for various age groups, up to 4 a day, for one flat rate. Use a workshop to help reconnect with members of the local community, or educate students in a unique way.

Book today! We work with all budgets, audience sizes, and booking times.

  • Audience Engagement
  • Mystery
  • All Ages