In Time collage

In Time

The clock is ticking. The sand is slipping through the hourglass. Lives are at stake; history could be changed. The whole world rests on your shoulders, and time is running out. Will you be in time?

“In Time” is a Live History experience for larger venues of all genres. Using multiple characters from your exhibits, and your history, Live History creates an experience like no other. Groups are presented with a world that has completely come to life around them, and are set against a ticking clock to try and solve the mystery; stop the message; escape the venue. Each “In Time” experience created is completely unique to the venue, featuring key characters, recognizable names from the past, and puzzles of all genres. With multiple plot lines, and changing outcomes, visitors can come back each day for a new experience. Escape room theater is on the rise, and “In Time” will create an experience for museum visitors that has never been done before. Each experience is tailored to the venue’s history, exhibits and budgets.

This will be a great opportunity to showcase your local history as well as infuse your community with the flavor local talent can bring. Live History Shows offers you the chance to present history in unique, interactive way. Each unique theatre show is customized to your venue, using details and facts that are both well known, and little known. We also present the optional opportunity to cast local actors in the show, providing an artistic opportunity like no other!

What better way for schools, local clubs and tourists to learn, enjoy and experience the past of your town then to live it.

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  • Jennings
  • All Ages